Recreation Forestry and Parks

The mission of the Department of Recreation, Forestry and Parks is to manage the County Reforestation parcels for a sustainable future while providing recreational and community access. We work with the local ATV Clubs to manage, promote, and maintain the OHV Trails in Lewis County. We strive to work with the community, local municipalities as well as other Counties to promote and attain access to the OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) Trail System. In addition, aid is provided to the local Snowmobile Clubs with administration of the NYS OPRHP Snowmobile Grant.

Contact:  Jackie Mahoney, Director

Address:  Lewis County Court House
7660 N State St.
Lowville, NY 13367

Fax:  315-377-3137

Phone:  315-376-5972

Email  :  |

Contact: Ryan Battles, Crew Leader

Contact: Lauren Houppert, Administrative Assistant 

The annual Lewis County OHV Permit is $65 for the first OHV, with a $20 discount if you are a member of a local OHV Club with an active Trail Agreement Club membership can be purchased with the permit or proof of your club membership must be uploaded). Any additional OHV permits registered to the same household are $20 per OHV (Copies of insurance must be uploaded to prove same address).

3-day pass (three consecutive days) is $20 per OHV

If you have any permit issues or concerns, please contact

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Local Permit Sellers

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   Trail Maps   

Otter Creek Horse Trails Pocket Map 2022
Otter Creek Horse Trails 2022

 Official Lewis County Trail Map.pdf 

Area A - Cronk.pdf 
  Area B - Forks-Factory.pdf 
Area C - Middle-Brantingham.pdf 
  Area D - Commons.pdf 
Area E - Wildcat.pdf 
  Area F - Great Lots.pdf 
 Area G - Grower.pdf 
  Area H-Lee Gulf.pdf 
Area I - Lyons Falls.pdf 
Area J - Bald Mountain.pdf 
Area K - Worth.pdf 
Area L - Culpepper.pdf 

 Google Earth Maps   
(The following files need to be downloaded and opened in Google Earth)

Roads open to OHV  
Off Road OHV Trails 

GPS Layers 




Adirondack Tug Hill Region  Lewis County Chamber of Commerce 
Black River Valley Riders of Carthage 
Highmarket OHV Club 
Tug Hill Wheelers Club 
Tug Hill Adirondack OHV Association 
Oswego County OHV ClubTug Hill Adirondack OHV Association 
Northern Oneida County OHV Club 


Lewis County Chamber of Commerce


forum(1).PNG   Lewis County Trail Feedback Form     

We welcome comments from the public regarding the proposed trail plan.  A return name, address and email address is required.  Comments, "anonymous, etc." will not be received