Lewis County Broadband

In 2020, Lewis County contracted with ECC Technologies to conduct a county-wide inventory of broadband infrastructure and to complete a Broadband Aggregation and Adoption Toolset (BAAT) program that allowed for the collection and analyzation of demand for broadband service within Lewis County. This information has been used as a local planning tool by the Broadband Ad Hoc Committee to identify areas of focus and funding opportunities. Fortunately, with the results from the ECC Technologies reports, Lewis County was awarded several grants to assist with broadband infrastructure expansion and is leveraging their American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to fund fiber installations and free public wi-fi access points.

Broadband Infrastructure Grants Received

Community Development Block Grant - CARES Act (CDBG-CV)
In July 2021, Lewis County submitted an application for funding under the Community Development Block Grant (NYS CDBG) Coronavirus Air, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) program that is administered by the New York State Office of Community Renewal. Later that year, the County received an award of $747,790 to carry out several fixed wireless projects located in the Town of Lyonsdale, Town of Diana, and Village of Port Leyden under CDBG-CV program no. 636CVPF9-21. The main beneficiaries of this program are persons with low or moderate incomes and the project is expected to serve approximately 600 unserved households.

With these funds, and assistance from the Development Authority of the North Country, Lewis County was able to complete this project under budget and received New York State's approve to repurpose the balance of funds to further benefit LMI households in the service areas. For those who qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), new Hudson Valley Wireless subscribers will also be eligible for free professional installation and equipment. With the funding made available through NYS's CDBG-CV program, it is expected that Lewis County will be able to cover these costs for approximately 250 eligible ACP subscribers.

To check the availability of high-speed Hudson Valley Wireless internet service in your area or to see if you are eligible for free Hudson Valley Wireless installation and equipment through the Affordable Connectivity Program, please visit https://www.hvwisp.com/lewiscounty.  

Northern Border Regional Commission - State Economic & Infrastructure Development Investment Program (NBRC-SEID) 
In August of 2021, Lewis County was awarded $263,053 in Northern Border Regional Commission State Economic & Infrastructure Development Investment Program funding to complete a fixed wireless and free public wi-fi project in the Copenhagen area. Initial wireless mapping suggests that this project could provide affordable, reliable and high-speed broadband to approximately 1,173 homes and businesses covering a 10-mile radius, to include the Village of Copenhagen and surrounding rural communities that are currently underserved or has no access to broadband services. Lewis County, with the assistance of the Development Authority of the North Country, is working diligently to assess towers capable of hosting the fixed wireless equipment. It is expected that this project will be completed in 2023. 

Utilization of American Rescue Plan Act Funding

Spectrum Fiber Expansion
In May 2022, Lewis County entered into an agreement with Spectrum to provide the much needed infrastructure to approximately 366 passings in the Towns of Croghan, Denmark, Greig, Lowville, and Watson. As part of this agreement, the following addresses will be served with either COAX or FIBER broadband infrastructure within 12 months from the last approved pole permit from National Grid:
Town of Croghan
12174 - 12563 Beartown Road

Town of Denmark
10100 - 10387 Old State Road
10305 - 10398 Vorce Road
3208 - 3618 Roberts Road
4101 - 4108 Carlowden Drive
3405 - 3923 Halifax Road
9597 - 9804 Number Three Road
10314 - 10423 Stoddard Road
3182 - 3307 Fuller Road
10702 - 10728 Harris Road
10564 - 10587 Old State Road
3636 - 3658 Vandewater Falls Road
10104 - 10244 State Route 12
10244 Fleming Road
9616 - 10420 East Road
4135 - 4152 N. Boshart Road
9023 - 9226 Ridge Road
9755 Railroad Street
4527 - 4577 State Route 410
4505 Hasar Road

Town of Greig
5865 - 6570 Partridgeville Road

Town of Lowville
5006 - 5016 Phinny Road
4633 - 4729 Shack Road
4834 - 4862 Sharp Road
7708 - 9088 East Road
7849 - 7967 Ridge Road
4361 - 4405 Patten Road
4359 - 4550 Boshart Road
8524 - 8695 State Route 26
9001 Hoffman Road
4481 - 4594 Arthur Road

Town of Watson
6406 - 6416 Joslyn Road
6412 - 6422 Ross Road
6424 - 6426 Journeys End Road
8381 - 8455 Stony Lake Truck Road

Free Public Wi-Fi Access Points
As part of a county-wide community development initiative, Lewis County Legislators voted to use $370,000 of the County's allocated ARPA funds to provide free public wi-fi access points throughout its many villages and hamlets. This public/private partnership with Spectrum is the first of its kind and free wi-fi service will be available at 27 locations across the county. Locations equipped with Lewis County Free Public Wi-Fi will have the below signs posted. 

Free Public Wi-Fi Access Points Interactive Map 

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Additional Broadband Infrastructure Expansion

New York Power Authority Fiber Buildout - Town of Diana
New York State ConnectALL - County-wide
Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) - County-wide

Lewis County Broadband Map
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All reported numbers on map are relative to UNSERVED households and business. 


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