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Adult Services

Your American Job Center is here to assist you in your job search; whether you are unemployed, under-employed or just looking to enter a new career field.  As the lead agency for workforce development in the area, we offer a wide range of free services.  Our only requirement is that you complete the Customer Registration Packer which can be found at the Customer Registration tab on the left hand side of this page.

Career Counseling

Our counselors are here to help you assess your skills and interests.  More importantly, we’ll also help you match those skills and interests to jobs that are available in our area.  By working together, we’ll help you develop a step-by-step plan to your job search!

Resource Room

Our Resource Room is equipped with computers, a printer/copier/fax machine and a customer telephone. Job seekers are welcome to use our Resource Room for your job search and resume needs.  Staff is available to assist you.

Resume Assistance

We offer a Resume Workshop at least once a month to assist you in designing and preparing a professional resume.  We’ll also show you how to tailor your resume for each individual job you apply for, which gives you the best chance of being called in to interview. To reserve a spot, please call (315) 376-5800.

Job Search Resources   

Employers throughout our region list diverse job openings with the local American Job Centers and many use our centers to conduct on-site interviews.  We hold targeted recruitments with businesses that need your skills and experience.

Classroom Training (For Those Who Qualify)

We may be able to provide short-term training for long-term careers.  If you qualify, we may be able to pay for all or a portion of your schooling in a field that is in high demand in our area.  This program is subject to funding availability of course. Please contact the WorkPlace for more information at (315) 376-5800.

On The Job Training (For Those Who Qualify)

The OJT program is designed to help unemployed and underemployed people improve their situation in the workforce, while giving businesses a financial incentive to hire and train them in full-time skilled or semi-skilled occupations. Please contact the WorkPlace for more information at (315) 376-5800.