District Attorney

Lewis County District Attorney

Leanne K. Moser

District Attorney

7660 North State Street
Lowville, NY 13367

Email: leannemoser@lewiscounty.ny.gov

Phone: 315-376-5390

Fax: 315-376-5873

The District Attorney is a county-wide elected official serving a four year term whose duties are to prosecute all felonies, misdemeanors and violations perpetrated against the citizens of Lewis County.  Additionally, the District Attorney handles all criminal appeals at all levels of appeals, including County Court, the Appellate Division 4 th Department and the Court of Appeals. Further responsibilities include being the legal advisor to the Grand Jury, handling extradition of criminals from outside the state, prosecuting violations of sentencing provisions and supporting victims of crime.  Every effort is made to seek the view and input of victims of crimes.  To offer their view regarding a proposed disposition, victims should contact the office at the above contact information.  The District Attorney is also called upon to advise law enforcement agencies throughout the county.

Each year we prosecute approximately twelve hundred cases.  These prosecutions occur in Lewis County court and throughout our 19 local justice courts.  For a schedule of the local court ADA night or contact information for our local justice courts please click on the link above.

Lewis County is one of the only three counties in New York State where the District Attorney is also the elected Coroner of the County.  This involves the investigation into the manner, cause and circumstances of all unattended or suspicious deaths occurring in Lewis County.

If you have accessed this website for information on a traffic ticket you received in Lewis County, please click on the link above for our policy and procedure for traffic infractions.

We hope that this website helps address your questions.  However, please be aware that we are NOT permitted to give legal advice.