Foster / Adoptive Parent

Become a Certified Foster / Adoptive Parent

Eligibility Criteria:

✓ Are at least 21 years old

✓ Single, married, or living with a partner

✓ Have enough income to meet your own family’s needs

✓ Are in good health

✓ Can make room in your home and heart for children who need safe, temporary care

✓ Be willing to complete 11 weeks of MAPP (Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting) training

✓ Classes must be attended by husbands, wives and significant others in the home

Required Documentation Includes:

➢ Finger printing- all household members over 18 years old

➢ NYS Child Abuse/Maltreatment Registry Clearance

➢ Reference from three friends or acquaintances

➢ Physicals for all adults

➢ Home Inspection

➢ Completed Home study including information about finances, health, and family relationships

➢ Foster care application and other required forms for certification