Only certain individuals can now apply for Medicaid assistance at their local DSS including the following:   individuals whose eligibility is based on being blind or certified disabled, those 65 and older, individuals needing coverage for long-term care services or nursing homes, waiver recipients, those in receipt of Medicare and individuals looking for enrollment in the Medicare Savings Program.   Individuals not falling into those categories are now required to have their eligibility determined by the NYSOH Healthcare Exchange.


A Maximus representative has an office at our agency Monday through Friday to help those who need to apply with NYSOH.  We also have other representatives on different days of the week to assist with NYSOH enrollment, as well.


  • 1)  Call New York State of Health:   1-855-355-5777

                       Hours:  Monday thru Friday – 8:00AM to 8:00PM

                                       Saturday –                        9:00AM to 1:00PM

                      Or Apply Online at:

  • 2) Kate O’Brien Carreon, Maximus at DSS Monday thru Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM - (315) 376-5713
  • 3) Chelsea Rowsam, Fidelis: (315) 383-9686 and at DSS every Thursday
  • 4) Kelly Bragger, MVP Healthcare: (315) 222-3103 and at DSS every Monday
  • 5) Evelyn Fargo, NC Prenatal/Perinatal Council: (315) 788-8533
  • 6) Brandy Snyder, ACR Health: (315) 785-8222 ext. 371


If you contact our agency for Medicaid coverage, you will be screened to see where you need to apply for assistance.


Those applying for Medicaid at our agency will need to provide verification of their citizenship, identity, residency, gross income, any other health insurance (including Medicare) and may have to provide additional information about their resources and other items, depending on the various program eligibility requirements.


The income guidelines vary by program, household size and composition, disability status, and living situation.


For more information on Medicaid and FAQ’s, please visit or contact us at (315) 376-5400 (ask for the Medicaid Unit.)