Aging Services & Supports


Programs and Services to Support Independence as You Age


OFA partners with the Volunteer Transportation Center (VTC) in Watertown, NY. This service assists eligible people 60 years of age and older with transportation to medical appointments, trips to the pharmacy, and one grocery shopping trip a month. For further information or to register for the program, please call the OFA office at 376-5313. 

Public Transportation is also available through Lewis County.  For more information on how you can ride the bus, call 376-6508 and/or visit the County website through this link:  Lewis County Public Transportation  .

Legal Services

An attorney is available for certain legal matters for those who are unable to cover the cost of counsel. While the attorney does not draw up wills or contracts, they provide counsel in areas such as power of attorney, consumer fraud, insurance claims, Medicare appeals, Medicaid hearings, and landlord/tenant disputes. 

Flyer on Legal Assistance at OFA (click to download)


Lewis County Office for the Aging works with LifeNet, a division of S.T.A.T. Communications in Watertown, NY, to provide an affordable service to seniors and family members to protect them during an in home health emergency.  When the button, whether worn around your neck or on your wrist, is pressed, the local office is notified of activation.  LifeNet responds quickly to make sure everything is okay and will dispatch emergency personnel if needed.

Contact Lewis County Office for the Aging to set up LifeNet in your home!