Sustainably Lewis

Sustainably Lewis

Clean Energy Communities: This NYSERDA initiative supports local government leaders across the State to implement energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable development projects in their communities. In 2017, Lewis County became the first community in the North Country region to earn Clean Energy Community designation. 

To earn the Clean Energy Community designation, Lewis County completed the following high-impact clean energy actions:

  • Deployed an alternative fuel vehicle and an electric vehicle charging station to encourage clean transportation options.
  • Approved an energy benchmarking policy to track and report energy use in the County’s municipal buildings.
  • Adopted the New York State Unified Solar Permit to streamline the approvals process for local solar projects.
  • Completed energy code enforcement training on best practices in energy code enforcement for code compliance officers and other municipal officials.

Climate Smart Communities: Lewis County passed the Climate Smart Communities (CSC) pledge as a municipal resolution on December 2, 2020 to join the program and become a Registered Climate Smart Community. The CSC program supports local governments in New York State in leading their communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the effects of climate change, and thrive in a green economy. There are more than 100 eligible actions that can earn points towards CSC certification. These actions are organized under the 10 CSC Pledge elements:

  1. Build a climate-smart community
  2. Inventory emissions, set goals, and plan for climate action
  3. Decrease energy use
  4. Shift to clean, renewable energy
  5. Use climate-smart materials management
  6. Implement climate-smart land use
  7. Enhance community resilience to climate change
  8. Support a green innovation economy
  9. Inform and inspire the public
  10. Engage in an evolving process of climate action

Climate Smart Communities Task Force: The CSC Task Force promotes and supports climate action, mitigation, and adaptation across Lewis County government and in the community. Task Force members include  community volunteers, nonprofit organizations, municipal officials, and staff from various County departments. 

Climate Smart Task Force Members:

  • Megan Krokowski, Lewis County Planning Department (Climate Smart Communities Coordinator)
  • Tim Hunt, Lewis County Highway Department
  • Jenna Kraeger, Naturally Lewis
  • Alaina Mallette, Tug Hill Commission
  • Lydia Miller, Lewis County Historical Society
  • Matt O'Connor, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor
  • Jennifer Perry, Adirondack North Country Association
  • Nichelle Swisher, Lewis County Water & Conservation District
  • Kim Vogt, Village of Copenhagen

Community Programs: 

Municipal Programs:



Energy Benchmarking Report 2019-2020.pdf

Lewis County Municipal Operations Greenhouse Gas Inventory.pdf


Megan Krokowski, Community Development Specialist


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