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COVID-19 Vaccine Update:

We have been receiving many inquiries about COVID-19 vaccine availability and distribution here in Lewis County. At this time, New York State determines the prioritization for vaccination. Vaccines will be distributed in phases to groups of people at increased risk of COVID-19 exposure or severe COVID-19 illness.
Phased distribution will take time. Additional phases will be listed as more vaccines become available.

Currently, vaccines can be administered to those in Phase 1a and Phase 1b. For a list of who is eligible in each these phases, please visit:

Lewis County Public Health stands ready to vaccinate residents when the State gives us vaccine and a timeline by priority group. When we know more, we will communicate with that specific population and use all media outlets to get the message out about clinics and vaccine availability. In the meantime, all eligible residents can fill out our pre-registration form here - Vaccine Pre-Registration Page

Lewis County COVID-19 Update 
for 2/26/2021 at 3:30 PM

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Lewis County

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Tracker - Weekly Update

 1st Dose Distributed

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NOTE: Daily information for the map is updated manually on the following business day (excluding holidays).

In keeping with social distancing, immunizations are by appointment only. 
If you are in need of vaccines for school, college, or health maintenance,
please call 315-376-5453 for an appointment. 

Now, more than ever, it is important to keep up to date with required and recommended vaccines for disease prevention. 


Click HERE to view the
New York State Traveler Health Form.

Click HERE to view the
New York State COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave for Employers Document.


Click HERE to view the
New York State COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave for Employees Document.

How to Prepare and Take Action for COVID-19


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