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Lewis County Courthouse
7660 North State Street
Lowville, NY 13367

Phone: 315-376-5336

Fax: 315-376-5582


Tax Map Department

Russell Brownell - GIS Specialist

Phone: 315-376-5338

Hours of Operation:

8:30 - 4:30 Monday thru Friday.

Welcome to the Lewis County Office of Real Property Tax Services Agency webpage.  Our mission is to fulfill the requirements of New York State Laws and Regulations and to provide services for assessors and local government officials to achieve and maintain equitable assessments throughout Lewis County.

Our Agency is here to serve you, ready to answer your questions, and address your concerns.  Technical and professional assistance is available to county departments, local governments, school districts, taxpayers, and the public for all aspects of real property assessment and taxation.

Through its Director and staff, the Lewis County Real Property Tax Services Agency takes great pride in the services we provide to all of Lewis County.  This Agency maintains the data related to the generation and publication of town, county, village and school assessment rolls, tax rolls, and tax bills.  We also publish tax maps and GIS data, create and update the Emergency Services database.

Commencing in 2013, this office assumed the responsibility of maintaining the E911 addressing database, correcting existing addressing problems, and assigning new E911 addresses upon request.  It is the goal of this Agency to increase the awareness and the importance of properly displayed E911 numbers for the property owners’ benefit as well as the benefit of emergency personnel.  Please visit the E911 Address Maintenance page for more information

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 LCC E911 Address Maintenance

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