Junkyard Inspector - Part-time

Job Title: Junkyard Inspector - Part-time

Salary range: $19.12/hr

Department: Building & Fire Codes

Employment Type: Part-time

Job Description:


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:        This position exists in the county service and involves responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the County Junkyard Law and rules and regulations related to the use, development and operation of junkyards within the county.  Additionally, the duties involve investigation for purposes of answering complaints, determinations of violations, and processing of applications.  The work is performed under the general supervision of the County Manager and the Junkyard Review Board with leeway allowed for exercise of independent judgment in carrying out details of the work.  The incumbent performs related work as required.


  • Reviews junkyard license applications for compliance with the County Junkyard Law and distributes licenses once issued;
  • Reviews applications and prepares reports for the Junkyard Review Board;
  • Inspects existing junkyard sites and notifies the Junkyard Review Board of junkyard law compliance;
  • Inspects new junkyard construction or property sites for compliance with County Junkyard Law;
  • Notifies County Clerk of applicant compliance with conditional license approval;
  • Responds to complaints and referrals, prepares notices of law violations, consults with Junkyard Review Board and advises violators of required procedures;
  • Explains County Junkyard Law, ordinances, codes and regulations to applicants, contractors and the public;
  • Organizes meeting of the Junkyard Review Board;
  • Oversees the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process concerning creation or changes in junkyards;
  • Informs the Junkyard Review Board of persons failing to comply with the County Junkyard Law, and facilitates legal action where needed;
  • Prepares, arranges and provides notice for meetings, appeals and public hearing, as required by law;
  • Prepares maps, field inspection reports and other information as may be necessary to support or assist in decisions of the Junkyard Review Board;
  • Locates and identifies natural features of prospective junkyard sites, noting wetlands, streams, ponds and drainage patterns;
  • Prepares and files minutes, testimony, transcripts, decisions and other records concerning Junkyard Review Board decisions and maintains records and files;
  • Obtains county attorney legal advice concerning junkyard law problems to ensure proper conduct, findings and procedure;
  • Submits comments on effectiveness of the junkyard law upon request of the Junkyard Review Board;

  • Works with the Junkyard Review Board and the County Attorney to review and amend the junkyard law as necessary;
  • Prepares official notifications and decisions of the Junkyard Review Board and disseminates such notifications and decisions to appropriate parties.


Good knowledge of County Junkyard Law; working knowledge of the impacts and relative compatibility of junkyards with other land uses; ability to understand and explain provisions of the Junkyard Law in clear, non-technical terms; ability to prepare records and reports; ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with public officials, contractors and the general public; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


  1. Graduation from high school or the equivalent and:
    1. One year of experience in an environmentally oriented field, such as forestry, agriculture, wildlife management, etc.; or
    2. One year of experience as a municipal building, housing, code enforcement or zoning inspector; or
    3. One year of membership on a Junkyard Review Board; or

  1. Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered two year college with an associate degree in a related field as defined in (A) (1) and (2); or

  1. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B) above.

NOTE:            Possession of an appropriate level of NYS Driver’s License at the time of appointment.

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