Correction Corporal

Job Title: Correction Corporal

Salary range: $25.52/hr

Department: Sheriff's Office

Employment Type: Full-Time

Job Description:


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:        The work involves responsibility on an assigned shift for the enforcement of rules and regulations governing the custody, security, conduct, discipline, safety, and general well being of inmates in a county correctional facility.  The incumbent performs routine Correction Officer work and is responsible for the custody, supervision and general well being of inmates and Correction Officers on an assigned shift.  In addition, the incumbent functions as an officer-in-charge on an assigned shift in the absence of a Correction Officer-Sergeant.  The work is performed under general supervision of a higher ranking officer with leeway allowed for the exercise of independent judgment in dealing with day to day situations in the facility.  Does related work as required.


  • Supervises Correction Officers on a shift by making post assignment, advising and instructing on specific activities, insuring adherence to rules and regulations, and determining appropriate action as required by facility policies;
  • Assists in the maintenance of shift security in the facility by conducting shift briefings, observing inmate behavior, investigating disruptive incidents, and taking necessary remedial action;
  • Performs routine Correction Officer duties including booking, searching, and housing prisoners;
  • Acts as liaison between inmates and higher ranking officers;
  • Makes periodic security inspections of the facility;
  • Acts as a mentor for new Correction Officers;
  • Prepares and reviews a variety of reports and records, such as incident reports and new inmate reports;
  • Acts as complete shift supervisor in the absence of a Sergeant.


  • Good knowledge of the rules, regulations and requirements of the New York State Correction Law governing the supervision and treatment of inmates, safety and security of the facility and department employees;
  • Good knowledge of the layout and location of security personnel and post-assignments throughout the facility;
  • Good knowledge of search and frisk methods;
  • Good knowledge of booking procedures;
  • Good knowledge of the proper function of correction facility security equipment and devices;
  • Good knowledge of the safe use of chemical and physical restraints;
  • Working knowledge of first aid procedures;
  • Ability to plan and supervise the work of others;
  • Ability to observe, interpret and report on inmate activity;
  • Ability to verbally communicate rules and regulations of the facility to staff and inmates;
  • Ability to make quick decisions regarding facility security and personal safety in emergency situations;
  • Ability to organize and maintain accurate records and files;
  • Sound judgment;
  • Good powers of observation.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Twelve months of permanent competitive experience as a Correction Officer immediately preceding the date of examination.

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