Correction Officer

Job Title: Correction Officer

Salary range: $24.93/hr – $29.18/hr

Department: Sheriff's Office

Employment Type: Part-Time

Job Description:


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:        This position exists in the Sheriff’s Department and involves responsibility on an assigned shift for the enforcement of rules and regulations governing the custody, security, conduct, discipline, safety and general well being of inmates in a county correctional facility.  The duties involve considerable inmate contact and supervision in a work, recreation or learning environment.  Work procedures are well defined but incumbents must be alert to possibilities of emergency situations arising and exercise sound judgment when problems occur.  The work is performed under general supervision of a higher-level correctional supervisor with leeway allowed for the exercise of independent judgment in dealing with day-to-day situations in the facility.  Does related work as required.


  • Makes periodic rounds, supervises the movement and activities of inmates and maintains jail security at an assigned post or cell tier;
  • Locks and unlocks cells and access doors using mechanical and electrical devices;
  • Watches for unusual incidents or activities on the part of inmates involving violation of facility rules, or a life threatening situation and reports these to supervisor either verbally or in writing;
  • Checks cell and corridor areas for faulty bars, gates, etc., and makes routine fire and safety checks;
  • Transports inmates to courts, prisons, jails, medical facilities, funerals and other locations as necessary;
  • Issues clothing and bedding and instructs inmates in its proper care;
  • Escorts visitors and observes inmates visitations;
  • Dispenses a variety of prescription and non-prescription medications;
  • Searches cells, frisks inmates and confiscates contraband;
  • Mediates minor incidents and takes direct action to break up fights or other disturbances between inmates;
  • Operates a variety of equipment including handcuffs, leg irons, firearms, electronic gate equipment and two-way radios;
  • May use chemical agents, weapons or restraining devices and protection equipment in case of fights or other disturbances;
  • Prepares a variety of records and reports related to the care of inmates and security of the facility.


Working knowledge of the rules, regulations and requirements of the Correction Law governing the supervision and treatment of inmates, safety and security of the facility and department employees; working knowledge of the layout and location of security

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personnel post assignments throughout the facility; working knowledge of search and frisk methods; working knowledge of the proper function of correction facility security equipment, devices and safe use of chemical restraining agents; working knowledge of the use of defensive and restraining physical techniques; working knowledge of human behavior in relation to correction facility inmates; working knowledge of first aid procedures; ability to observe, interpret and report on inmate activity; ability to deal with inmates firmly and courteously; ability to verbally communicate rules and regulations of the facility security and personal safety in emergency situations; ability to prepare records and reports; ability to read English and interpret written materials.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma (issued by an appropriate State education authority).  The diploma issued to the high school graduate must be from an accredited public or private school recognized by the New York State Education Department.  Diplomas issued through a home study course and not by an appropriate educational authority are not acceptable.


  • At time of appointment, candidate must be 18 years of age.
  • Possession of an appropriate level New York State driver’s license at the time of appointment.  License must remain valid throughout appointment.
  • At time of appointment, candidate must meet physical agility and medical standards.
  • Completion of New York State Commission of Corrections training prior to completion of the probationary period.
  • By New York State Law, a Correction Officer is a Peace Officer and must be a U.S. citizen to qualify to hold such office.

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION AND ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Candidates who pass the written test will be subject to an extensive background investigation.  Applicants may be required to authorize access to educational, financial, employment, criminal history, mental health records or other records and participate in a polygraph examination.   Conviction of a felony will bar appointment.  Conviction of a misdemeanor or other offenses is subject to evaluation and may bar appointment.  At the discretion of the employing law enforcement agency, candidates may be subject to additional screenings as a term and condition of employment, including but not limited to, fingerprinting and psychological testing.  Drug testing is included in the required medical exam.

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