Assistant County Attorney

Job Title: Assistant County Attorney

Salary range: $60,343 yr - $76,990 yr

Department: County Attorney

Employment Type: Full Time Permanent

Job Description:


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:         This is a professional legal position which involves the responsibility for providing legal services primarily for the Lewis County Departments of Social Services and Probation, but for other County departments as well.  The work is performed under the general supervision of the County Attorney.  Direct supervision may be exercised over the work of support staff.  The Assistant County Attorney will provide municipal work as required.  This is an appointed position in which the incumbent serves at the pleasure of the County Attorney.


  • Drafts and prosecutes petitions filed in Family Court by the Department of Social Services, including child abuse and neglect cases where the department seeks the aid of the Court in providing serves to parents accused of abusing and/or neglecting their children, sometimes requiring removal of children to foster care or other placement;
  • Represents the Social Services Adult Protection Unit when court action is needed, generally occurring when a guardianship petition is filed upon allegations that a person is unable to manage his/her own affairs and needs a guardian appointed;
  • Represents Social Services at Fair Hearings for the Services and Income Maintenance Units and in resource recovery efforts.  This involves recovering Public Assistance and Medicaid previously paid from the estates of past recipients and from past recipients who later obtain income and/or property.  Also includes representation in small claims or other courts;
  • Represents Social Services in child and spousal support petitions where the department is seeking reimbursement for Public Assistance and/or Medicaid from legally responsible persons;
  • Prosecution of juvenile delinquency and Person in Need of Supervision cases;
  • Other duties as assigned by the County Attorney including but not limited to Freedom of Information Law requests, processing of bankruptcy paperwork, review of HIPAA rules and regulations, review of contracts, and representing the County in code violations.


  • Thorough knowledge of the Family Court Act and Social Services Law, rules and regulations;
  • Good knowledge of the procedures, laws and rules governing administration of public assistance;
  • Good knowledge of family law as it pertains to issues of support, neglect, abuse, foster care, Juvenile Delinquency proceedings and Person in Need of Supervision proceedings;
  • Working knowledge of County and General Municipal laws and rules;
  • Working knowledge of wills and future interests and other aspects of general legal work;
  • Ability to efficiently gather facts by interview and investigation;
  • Ability to perform close, detail work involving considerable visual effort and strain;
  • Trial advocacy skills and working knowledge of rules of evidence;
  • Ability to work well with others;
  • Integrity and excellent judgment;
  • Ability to operate a computer and draft court documents and contracts.

SUGGESTED MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:           Duly licensed to practice law in the State of New York and Certificate in Good Standing from the Appellate Division of admission and five to ten years of legal experience preferred.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:             Possession of a valid NYS driver’s license and acceptable driving record is required at the time of appointment.  License must be maintained during employment.  Incumbent must be a resident of Lewis County, or receipt of exemption from the County Legislature from said requirement if resident of contiguous County.

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