Legislators Office

Cassandra Moser, Legislator's Clerk

Lewis County Court House
Room 225
Lowville, NY 13367




The Office of Clerk of the Board:

The Office of the Clerk of the Board is a key department to primarily assist the Chairperson of the Board and the Legislative body in carrying out all of its basic programs.  The facilitating services of the Clerk’s office cut across the whole spectrum of county activities of each department.  The Clerk’s office is an integral part of the democratic process, working primarily with the elected representatives of the people and aiding them with all functions.   The office strives to maintain the highest level of government services while continuing to explore means of efficient and productive processes to streamline procedures and foster a spirit of community awareness and confidence.

- accepts all correspondence addressed to the Chairman of the Board or any Legislator; and responds in accordance with the Board's direction
- reviews all claims presented for payment and prepares a list for report and audit by the Board of Legislators
- retains all insurance policies and schedules of County-owned real property, vehicles and equipment
- administers the County Self-Insurance Program for workers' compensation coverage provided to County, Town and Village employees, as well as all firefighters and ambulance responders within the County of Lewis
- retains a complete record of all proceedings of the Board of Legislators, together with action taken on all Local Laws

Hours of Operation: