, Director
Lewis County Court House
Lowville, NY 13367

 Probation Officers: 
Sarah Bush 
(315) 376-5374

Marcus Spaulding 
(315) 376-5363

Lisa Rennie 
(315) 376-5359

Kylie Simpson 
(315) 376-5364

  Mission Statement:  

The mission of the Lewis County Probation Department is to provide community protection and public safety,  in conjunction with the delivery of rehabilitative services to our clients.  We believe these offenders should be held accountable to their vicitms, to the community and at the same time develop skills to become responsible, law abiding members of society.

Our Probation Officers strive to achieve this balance of offender rehabilitation and public safety by applying the best practices used in the field of probation.  These best practices include the following:  providing supervision of individuals sentenced to probation, providing pre-sentence and pre-dispositional investigations to various Courts to aid in sentencing, as well as providing efficient, cost effective alternatives to incarceration.

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