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Building Home, School and Community Partnerships to Address Trauma, Behavior and Anxiety Issues in Children

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North Country Cancer Services Program

Beginning on October 1, 2018, the Cancer Services Program of Lewis County will merge and expand to a four county region (Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego and St. Lawrence Counties). Oswego County Opportunities in Fulton, NY will be the lead agency for the new four county region. ...

Northern Tier Special Education Task Force Interest Survey

The Northern Tier Task Force is committed to improving educational access and outcomes for students with disabilities in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties. The Task Force is looking to identify issues that impact students with disabilities in the area, and then provide opportunities for...

Public Assistance Finding Dog

Press Release Public Assistance Finding Dog Lewis County Public Health is asking for the assistance of the public in trying to find the owner of a dog that has bitten a person. The bite occurred on Sunday, July 22nd around 2:00 pm on the VanAmber Rd in the town of Croghan. The dog in question ...

Activities for Families with Preschoolers in Lewis County

Click here for two pages full of activities, throughout the summer of 2018, for families with preschoolers in Lewis County!  PRESCHOOL ACTIVITIES IN LEWIS COUNTY ifact (1).pdf

Pre-registration Now Available for Public Health's Mass Vaccination Drill

THIS IS AN EXERCISE! Lewis County Public Health needs your help! On Thursday, April 26, LCPH will be holding a POD (Point of Distribution) Emergency Preparedness Drill at Lowville Academy. The drill will help our department train for an event in which thousands of residents will need to be vac...

Morning Checkup

Mark your calendars! The Cancer Services Program of Lewis and Jefferson Counties is teaming up with The Watertown Wolves to prevent colon cancer!

Public Health Notice - What to Do During a Boil Water Advisory

Boil Water Advisory

Flu Season Reminder

Flu season is upon us! It is not too late to get your flu vaccine. Lewis County Public Health urges you to get a flu shot if you have not already done so. This flu season is hitting hard. Lewis County Public Health is continuing to offer the flu vaccine at its clinics on Tuesday Mornings from 9-1...

What is Tetanus?

How does Tetanus spread?  C. tetani spores can be found in the soil and in the intestines and feces of many household and farm animals and humans. The bacteria usually enter the human body through a puncture (in the presence of anaerobic [low oxygen] conditions, the spores will germin...

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